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Domain transfer
For a limited time only, transfer your domain names managed through the old iWebreservation interface, to the Customer Hub for FREE!

Did you know that ...

It can take a few days to complete the domain transfer process, so do not wait to make your domain name renewal before it is too late.
To transfer you domain name from to, you will need to renew the domain for 1 year. Additional years may be added once the transfer is completed.

Please use this form if:

  1. You received a renewal notice for your domain name from or
  2. You want to manage your domain name yourself, in English, with the new domain management interface.

In the 2 cases above, the process involves:

  1. A 1 year renewal. This renewal needs to be done to use the new management interface, even if your domain name is not coming close to expiry.
  2. A transfer from to Once this form is filled, our team will take care of everything!
Launch the renewal and transfer